How to rescue a cat

On a rainy morning in March, found this guy in our backyard. Had seen (and fed) him before. But he was clearly in distress – and friendly. After unsuccessfully coaxing him into the basement, I just scooped him up in my arms and brought him inside. He’s on the mend, with Vet care, and a local rescue group will help us find him a home. Very affectionate – a real mush – and quite a handsome devil. He actually looks better here than he did six days ago.

Has been a very busy year, so far, with ASEBL, book projects, and the international conference. Took a break yesterday and walked the High Line on the West Side. Art is all over this city!

Scratch art and writing on scaffolding along West 23rd St.
From a building adjacent to the High Line.
Across from the High Line
Not on the High Line per se; but you can’t miss it.
Parietal art. Still downtown.
Art on a shipping container
On the High Line. There is a frenzy of building above 30th St.